Nimbevo, a new tradition in trust!


About Nimbevo

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The Nimbevo Story

Nimbevo was founded on some basic principles that define everything that we do. Our ethos from the beginning has been to deliver high quality services backed up with exceptional customer service and support:

You are not a number; our customers are our priority and you deserve to be treated as the individuals they are.  We believe that in your experience when dealing with us you should always receive friendly, personal and yet professional service.  We have high standards and you get to benefit from this.

In doing all of these things our customers will naturally value Nimbevo and the service that we provide them so ensuring the continuation and growth of our business.

We owe huge thanks to our community for joining us on this thrilling journey, and we hope that you will continue to be a part of our story.

Nimbevo Overview

Our Passion to Serve
Nimbevo are passionate about helping businesses succeed online and we have all the tools that will help you work from home, and when we are allowed, the beach, by the hotel pool and beyond.

We make a corona virus world still work and enable you to run your business virtually. No matter how big or small your business is. This is now and we guarantee while there is still power and internet your digital world will be available.

We are able to offer a wide range of services for all businesses from the start up, micro business, to the small, medium and large global corporations. All with personal service.

Let Us Help You Grow

We never compromise on the pillars of our service

So... why choose NIMBEVO?

24/7 Support delivered by engineers

No overseas or even UK call centres here! – You get personal service, so you get to know who you deal with, with a direct telephone number and dedicated support team.  You are our priority.

100% Customer satisfaction

Believe it or not YOU Matter, providing you with outstanding service is key to our day.
Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority and our mission is to deliver on that every single day.

Secure Servers & Network

We are that confident in our infrastructure that we’ll back it up with a money back 100% SLA.