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Service-Level Agreement

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We’re committed to providing an unrivalled web hosting experience. The following SLAs outline our promises to you when something goes wrong or you need to contact us. All SLA credit requests must be requested within seven (7) days of the incident occurring via ticket to our billing department. We reference our internal monitoring systems when issuing service credit. Unfortunately we cannot issue credit based on third party uptime monitors setup by our clients.

Support SLA

All Services


Should you need to contact us, our support SLA outlines the maximum wait time for each department. If we fail to respond to your ticket or subsequent replies within the time frames below, you’re entitled to claim 10% worth of one (1) months service up to £20 per calendar month. This SLA does not apply to sales queries or non-clients.


  • » Support (available 24×7): 2 hour response
  • » Support – L2 (available 24×7): 2 hour response
  • » Support – L3 (available 24×7): 12 hour response
  • » Support – Domains (Mon – Sun 9AM – 5PM UK time): 12 hour response (Working Hours)
  • » Accounts & Billing (Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM UK time): 12 hour response (Working Hours)
  • » Legal & Abuse (Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM UK time): 12 hour response (Working Hours)
  • » Management (Mon – Sun 9AM – 5PM UK time): 24 hour response (Working Hours)


Despite the above response times, tickets are often responded to much faster. We define a response as not just an acknowledgement, but also a resolution or a note that we’re working on the issue.

Uptime SLA

Shared Hosting, VPS / Cloud Servers


This SLA applies to Shared Hosting, VPS* / Cloud Servers and only covers unscheduled outages relating to hardware, software or network issues. This SLA does not apply when service has been rendered unavailable due to (D)DoS attacks, client error or by any other means outside of our control. Uptime is determined over a 30 day rolling timeline.


  • » 100% – 99.95% uptime (up to 21.56 minutes downtime): SLA met
  • » 99.95% – 99.9% uptime (up to 43.2 minutes downtime): 10% monthly service credit
  • » 99.9% – 99.5% uptime (up to 3 hours & 36 minutes downtime): 20% monthly service credit
  • » 99.5% – 99% uptime (up to 7 hours & 12 minutes downtime): 30% monthly service credit
  • » 99% – 95% uptime (up to 36 hours downtime): 50% monthly service credit
  • » Less than 95% uptime (more 36 hours downtime): 100% monthly service credit


* Applies to VPS hypervisor uptime only, not individual customer virtual servers.


Backup SLA

Shared Hosting Plans

We will make every effort to ensure servers are backed up properly and on-time. For Shared Hosting Accounts, this is every 6 hours with a minimum of 20 restorable backups for each service, with 4 monthly archive points. If we fail to meet this promise, you’re entitled to claim 10% worth of one (1) months service up to £20 per calendar month.

Regardless of our managed backups we always advise that you take your own backups. Please do not rely on our backups, though we will do our best to ensure they’re available when you need them.


(last updated 12/04/2020 15:00 PM GMT)