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VPS Hosting

For unrivaled support & state-of-the-art hardware, choose Enterprise VPS Hosting.

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VPS Features

For unrivaled support & state-of-the-art hardware, choose Enterprise VPS Hosting.

Root Access


data centers




VPS Server Technical Specifications


  • Multiple Linux and Windows Distros
  • Multiple locations
  • Private Network
  • Quick VNC access
  • rDNS support


  • Top notch network built with Tier 1 ISPs
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Tier IV Data Center
  • DDoS protection
  • Guaranteed Resources


  • cPanel
  • Additioanl IPs
  • Reactive Management
  • Backup
  • Snapshots

Semi-Managed Support

  • Free Migration Assistance
  • Boot, Login, Network, Hardware, Rebuild
  • Basic server optimization, patching & hardening
  • Basic setup of Applications & Firewall

Operating Systems

We have many operating system templates that you can choose from, alternatively, you can also install your own operating system from a custom ISO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the most asked questions about our Premium VPS Line of products.

Yes, when you subscribe to a premium VPS package, the resources that come with the plan will be DEDICATED and RESERVED for your VPS Instance. You will be able to utilise %100 of the resources.

No, Unlike some providers that are out there, we do not restrict your usage, we will not reduce your VPS Resources if you use it too much.

What you do with your VPS is up to you, we do not limit your usage, you can freely use the VPS for Forex Trading if you wish to do so. In fact, many of our customers are happily doing so, and if you want to find out the Latency to your chosen broker before you sign up for a service, you may contact our Sales department with the Broker Server name and we will check for you.

Yes, Unlike some providers, all of our VPS Packages, do come with 1 Dedicated IPv4 address at no extra cost, should you require more, you may request additional IP addresses to be assigned to your VPS at an additional cost.

Yes, you can choose Windows at no extra cost.

Currently, our Premium VPS Packages are available in France, United Kingdom and Germany. And your VPS will be allocated to one of our Hypervisors in any of the following countries mentioned unless you specifically request that it is put on a specific location.

Our Premium VPS line has no contracts, you can choose to pay monthly, or pay Annually for a discount (with annual payments you get 1 month free).

Our Premium VPS product line comes with a semi-managed option for free, which includes free migration assistance, free reboots/reinstalls/rebuilds/, free initial server security and kernel hardening if you wish, and a friendly 24/7 support, additionally you can upgrade to our Reactive fully-managed option, where we manage every aspect of your VPS.

We currently accept payments in GBP bank transfers, GBP/USD Credit Card payments via Stripe, and GBP/USD PayPal transfers.

Upgrading your VPS to another package is easy to do so, the request can be done via the client area.

No, the backup of a VPS is the responsibility of the customer, if you require backup storage you can purchase this from us separately. To do so please contact our sales department. Alternatively, if you want us to manage your backups, you can upgrade to a Reactive Fully Managed plan.

Snapshots can be provided at an additional cost as this requires additional storage space, if you are interested in using snapshots, please get in touch with our sales department.

We make it very easy for you to cancel your service, all you have to do is request a cancellation via the client area 14 days before your renewal date.

You must request a cancellation of service via the customer area, any cancellation request that is made via any other means will not count as a valid cancellation request.

You must also give us 14-day notice before your service renewal date.

If you do not submit a valid cancellation request, you will be billed for the next month, and in the event that you do not pay the bill as per our TOS, we have the right to take legal action.

You can check for active promotions, however, if there are no active promotions prices are final.

Yes, currently we offer Monthly and Annual payment options, whereby using the annual payment option you get 1-month service for free. If you prefer to pre-pay for a different period such as (Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Bi-Annually) please get in touch with our sales department and we can do for you.

We do offer a 48 hours money-back guarantee after your service has been provisioned. If you request a refund within 48 hours of service provisioning you will be given a full refund minus any admin fees that might be charged by our Payment Processors (if any).

You might only use this 1 time, if you have used a money-back offer before, you will not be allowed to use it again.

Furthermore, if this is your first sign-up to our VPS Product line, the money-back guarantee is extended to7 days where we will refund you unused time on a per-day basis.

Please note that, if you used the VPS to send out SPAM or for any ILLEGAL activity that breaks our terms of use and acceptable use policies, your refund request will be denied.

Yes, we have a very good referral/affiliate program, where you can earn up to 50(%) recurring commission. Please open a ticket with our Affiliate department.

You can resell our services, only if you sign up as a reseller program, please contact our sales department to learn more about partnering with us as a reseller.

We prefer that you open a ticket via the client area, but we also provide support via email and LiveChat on our website. Technical support is 24/7, whereas sales are during the day time as can bee seen on the top of our website.

This depends on if we have space on our Hypervisors at your chosen location, operating system, automated fraud check status, and whether manual intervention is required. Although most of our VPS plans are set-up within the hour, here are some circumstances where there might be a delay of up to 24 hours, and exceptional cases where there might be a delay of 72 hours. (due to no hypervisor being available at the chosen location etc.) in the event that a delay over 12 hours should occur, we will contact you.